This week I would like to talk about the difference between some of our moving dollies. There are so many different kinds and if you use the wrong one you may damager your furniture or appliances. Let’s help with that to show you the correct ones you will need to use. I’ll start off with the appliance dolly this is used for moving your Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Safes, and even Book Cases. This dolly has many uses, normally they have a max weight of 600lbs its great to move heavy items up and down stair cases due to it having stair climbers on the back of the dolly, also it has a 3in strap and a tension bar to help strap your item to it. This prevents the item from shifting off the dolly. This is the strongest upright dolly they make and is used for very heavy items.

The next dolly I would like to talk about is a box dolly. This is the typical two wheeled dolly that is used for lighter weight moving max of 300lbs on average. Its great for boxes, small appliances like a dishwasher due to it having a longer shelf for the item to sit on unlike the appliance dolly that the shelf is only 6in depth the box dolly has a shelf normally 10in in depth. This is a great tool to move quickly and save your back on average it will save you 50% on time loading and unloading. Instead of moving oddly shaped boxes by hand load them up on this and save time. This dolly does not have a strap on it to secure items on it. But it is the key for fast and efficient moving.

Next we will talk about the flat furniture dolly typically this is a flat four wheeled dolly with a max weight rating of 900lbs. This is great for moving heavy items like large big screen TVs, tool boxes and even dressers simply use one in the middle or one at each end of the item and poof your back is saved once again by moving smarter you wont have to lift the items any higher than seven inches off the ground. This is great if you’re the only one moving, in many cases this is the extra hand you need these are all great tools designed to save you time and be efficient all in one. So just remember when choosing the correct dolly they are not all created equal. Happy Renting!


Matt Looney
Storage Express Temecula