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How to re-use moving boxes to make Halloween Decorations

So you’re all moved in, settled and finally, into your new home. But now you’ve got all these boxes, tape and other sorts of moving supplies left over. Throw them away? You’ve spent a lot of money on them already why not put them into use? Well Halloween is right around the corner and I have a fun way to put your packing supplies into use. So get your craft hands ready and let’s get started. Cardboard tombstones! Here is what you’ll need. Cardboard boxes                                   -Wrapping paper or news paper Measuring tape                                     – Decoupage glue Scissors                                                   – Spray paint ( gray and flat black) Packing […]
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Moving Tips – From Preparation to Finishing Your Move

I bet you are wondering: how can I make my moving day easier and just get it over with…. Well let me give you some great moving tips that will make your day a lot easier that you’ll want to do it again! Ok.. Ok .. Maybe you won’t want to move again but I hope you’ll enjoy my moving tips. Preparation is a major step to making moving easy. There is so much to do in preparing for your move: set up mail forwarding, change over utilities, buying packing supplies, and so on. I know it is time- consuming […]

Using Storage to help De-Clutter and Distress the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching and there is so much to do.  We must all remember we are not Martha Stewart! We need help at times.  De-cluttering is the trick to help with stress.  If things are out of the way we can make room for the holidays and the family that will be visiting, not to mention all those presents.  A nice way to do this is to get a small storage unit here at Storage Express were we have great deals for such holiday storage.  You can even purchase boxes here for your convenience. Now it’s time […]

Why Use Self Storage

Some people may wonder, why do people use storage?  Do some people really have so much stuff they need to pay to store it?  It’s not always the “collector” that occupies a storage space. Think about planning a home renovation and removing all of the contents from your home.  Your head is spinning right?  Don’t fret! There are professional movers that are experts in packing and moving.  They take the upmost care of your belongings.  Storing it is the perfect solution.  Storage facilities sometimes have discounts on advance payment too.  So whether you plan on storing for 3 months, 6 […]

Other Services Offered by Storage Express

The Holidays are approaching very fast and I like to decorate my whole house inside and out.  I take down every knick knack and ready my house for full out Christmas craziness.  I don’t like clutter so I put all my knick knacks in storage, here at Storage Express.  They carry packing supplies, so I get myself some boxes and pack the knick knacks.  The storage unit comes in handy to hide my Christmas presents from my family too, not my children they know better then to peek, but from my husband who can’t wait until Christmas. At Storage Express […]

How to Pack a Box Properly

Packing a box for moving can be an easy task, if you have a few GREAT TIPs and the right supplies on hand you can be ready to pack a box properly. Supplies you will need: Notebook- ( Keep a list of each box and the contents in case one goes missing you will know exactly which one it is Variety of sizes and types of Moving Boxes 1-1/2 to 2 inch wide packing tape Scissors Box cuttter and what is in it.) Marker Foam peanuts, Bubble wrap, newspaper Wrapping paper ( for fragile items ) Labels First choose the right size and type of box for the job. There are many […]

Military Moves

Moves of any kind can be stressful. But military moves can be even more so due to the frequency of the moves or even the destination of the moves. Whether you are doing a self move or having the Traffic Management Office (TMO) move you. I always recommend using garage sale dots. This I know I have recommended in the past, but it is my tried and true advice. What I do is I use different colors for different rooms. For example my kitchen is always yellow dots. TMO loves this too. I go right behind them and place […]

Self Storage Locks

Locks are important! You’re probably saying to yourself “well, duh” but think about what the lock on your storage unit gives you. It’s the first defense against theft and it gives you peace of mind so the type of lock that you use is important. When I go around the property performing the daily “lock check” I see two types of locks being used to secure our tenant’s belongings; padlocks and disc locks. I have used both for my storage security. In 2001 when I was living in Tulsa Oklahoma (actually Broken Arrow) and I was storing household goods. I received […]

Tips to Prepare Your RV for Summer Travel

As we all know living here in the Antelope Valley the weather can be very unpredictable for all seasons. One day it can be very hot and the next day will be below freezing with rain! So I’ve found some helpful tips to help you prepare your RV for summer travel. Before you do anything you want to make sure you have the RV safely parked once you are 100% sure it’s parked safely you want to replace the batteries and smoke alarms, LP-gas and carbon-monoxide detectors (if they are not hard wired) and test them to confirm they are […]

Types of Moving Dollies at Storage Express

This week I would like to talk about the difference between some of our moving dollies. There are so many different kinds and if you use the wrong one you may damager your furniture or appliances. Let’s help with that to show you the correct ones you will need to use. I’ll start off with the appliance dolly this is used for moving your Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Safes, and even Book Cases. This dolly has many uses, normally they have a max weight of 600lbs its great to move heavy items up and down stair cases due to it […]